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At SIRUS we maintain and sell genuine spares of AC motors, DC motors both Low Voltage and High Voltage for CGL, ABB and BBL make. We can also supply NGEF, Kirloskar and Siemens make AC/DC motor spare parts and Alternator spares for CGL, Stamford, Leroysomer, Kirloskar and Meccalte makes.

For Correct Supply of spares parts furnish machine name plate details/photograph by email or mobile.

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SIRUS Spares catalog 

Exploded View Of ND Series Frame 160 to 355 (Squirrel Cage)   |  Specifications 

Exploded View Of C Series Square Endshield, Frame 160 to 355 (Slipring Type)   |  Specifications 

Exploded View Of C Series Round Endshield, Frame 160 to 355 (Slipring Type) |  Specifications 

Exploded View of Slip Ring Alternator

Exploded view of  CG Brushless Alternators

Exploded view of  CG DC Motors

ABB LV motorSpare parts List

CG FHP Motor Exploded View

CG HT Cage Motor Explode Image

CG HT Slipring Motor Exploded Image

CG Sqirrel Cage LV Induction Motor Exploded View

LV Cage Identification of parts